Embroidered with empowerment


Handmade textiles, lovingly stitched
from reclaimed and ethically-sourced cotton by mothers in Bangladesh.

Learn about how we’re building better futures for the next generation…

Impact Report

"The blanket is beautiful, really lovely quality, and the hand-sewn label with the name of the mother who made it and the blanket number is a lovely personal touch!"

The meaning of Khushi Kantha

‘Kantha’ (which translates as “stitched cloth”) refers to the Bengali tradition of repurposing old cotton saris to create ultra-soft blankets perfect for babies.

The traditional embroidery stitch that is applied over the top of the blanket is known as ‘kantha’ stitch.

‘Kantha’: blanket.

‘Khushi’: the Bengali term for ‘happy’

‘Khushi Kantha’: ‘Happy Blanket’