Our Story

Our founder Laura Rana gave birth to her half-British, half-Bangladeshi twin daughters Opi and Mahi in July 2019.

She spent the first half of her pregnancy in the coastal town of Cox’s Bazar in South-Eastern Bangladesh, working on the humanitarian response to the Rohingya refugee crisis.

Mothers supporting mothers

Laura first moved to Bangladesh in 2009, and has lived there on and off ever since.

Time and time again, she's been amazed by the resilience and generosity of Bangladeshi mothers living below the poverty line.

It’s been Laura's long-standing dream to use everything she's experienced and learned over the past decade to start her own initiative.

She is so proud to work directly with women whose position she could have been in herself if her life circumstances were different.

The birth of an idea

When Laura's daughters were born, they were gifted a large collection of traditional ‘kantha’ blankets. She was a bit overwhelmed to receive so many - and wondered what she was going to do with them all!

But she quickly understand the blankets' numerous uses: from swaddling the girls as tiny new-borns, or keeping them snug in a sling, to functioning as pram liners, breastfeeding covers, mini playmats or even makeshift changing mats while out and about.

The bright colours and traditional ‘kantha’ stitching drew compliments wherever  the girls went!

Laura realised that there could be a market for these beautiful, unique blankets.. This was how she could create opportunities for mothers in Bangladesh to use their existing skills and draw on their cultural heritage to provide for their children with dignity.

Learn more about Laura's journey to turn her social enterprise vision into a reality here....