Our Impact

At Khushi Kantha, we’re proud to be a social enterprise and we view ‘sustainability’ as multi-dimensional.

That’s why our social enterprise goals focus on generating ongoing incomes for the mothers we’re partnering with, strengthening the fabric of their wider communities, and employing circular principles in our production, promoting a shift from take-make-waste to reclaim-repurpose-reuse.


The first step in designing our impact measurement approach was to develop a Theory of Change, which sets out the ‘big picture’ impact that we’re hoping to contribute to, and how we think our social enterprise model will generate the outcomes we seek to achieve.


Our Impact Report 

Khushi Kantha's impacts on our artisans' incomes


It’s been super exciting to work on creating Khushi Kantha’s first ever Impact Report, which you can download here.

The report explains how creating our first ever collection of Happy Blankets has impacted our artisans and their families, our customers, our volunteers, and the planet.



Our impact measurement system combines the use of internationally-validated tools, like the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale, with a participatory approach, to ensure we are measuring our impacts in a way that is meaningful for the mothers at the core of our social enterprise mission.

For example, we ask each artisan we partner with to share their individual dreams for themselves, their children, their families, and their community.



I hope that you enjoy learning more about our Theory of Change and award-winning impact measurement system.

We had planned to publish a second Impact Report in March 2023 - but we're in the process of updating our impact measurement system, based on some new exciting new insights!

In the meantime, you can learn more about our impact journey through signing up to our monthly newsletter and following us on Instagram.